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First of all, it is with great pleasure that we welcome you to 1 Smart Build!

We are genuinely ecstatic to be embarking on this journey with you as your trusted partner in bringing your construction dreams to life.

As a company, we take great pride in having over 25 years of experience in the industry, and we can confidently assure you that our technical expertise and creativity are second to none.

We want you to know that you have made the right choice by choosing us as your construction partner.

Our commitment to providing exceptional construction services that add value, innovation, and sustainability to every project we undertake is what sets us apart from the rest.

Our services extend not only to Los Angeles but beyond as well.

We know that starting a construction project may seem overwhelming, but we are here to ease that burden for you.

We promise to work closely with you to ensure that every aspect of your project is executed to perfection, just as you envisioned it.

We’re committed to providing you with a top-notch service that will leave you with nothing but satisfaction.

Finally, we would like to express our gratitude for choosing 1 Smart Build as your partner.

We’re excited to begin this journey with you, towards a successful and excellent outcome.

Let’s work together towards bringing your construction dreams to fruition!

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We are thrilled to share some exciting news with you here at 1 Smart Build!

We take genuine pride in delivering exceptional service to all our clients. Our priority is to ensure that we consistently maintain open communication throughout all stages of your project to guarantee its resounding success.

Furthermore, our team of committed professionals is dedicated to providing world-class customer service that goes the extra mile with a zeal for cooperation.

You can always rest assured that we will be there to attend to any queries and concerns you may have throughout the entire project.

Our main objective is to ensure that your project is completed within the set timeline and budgetary constraints.

We are more than ready to dive in and collaborate with you to make your dream a reality!

Our team lives and breathes enthusiasm and commitment, and we can’t wait to show you what we can do.


At 1 Smart Build Inc., our goal is to provide the best construction contracting services possible for clients located in both Los Angeles County and Orange County.

We take pride in our reputation for delivering the highest quality services within budget and on time.

As professional construction contractors, we understand the importance of exceptional quality and care. Our dedicated team of professionals is committed to ensuring that every project we undertake is completed to the highest standard.

We know that building or renovating a residential home can be a stressful and time-consuming process.

That’s why we make it our mission to provide you with assistance at every stage of your project.

Our customer-centric approach ensures that our clients are kept informed and educated about all aspects of the construction process, resulting in a stress-free and positive experience.

If you’re seeking a construction contractor that you can rely on and trust, look no further than 1 Smart Build Inc. Contact us today to learn more!


1 Smart Build Construction Company

At 1 Smart Build, customer satisfaction is at the forefront of everything we do. Our team is dedicated to providing our clients with a hands-on experience, making sure that every need and desire is met.

We take pride in delivering on our clients’ visions, from the initial concept to the final product.

As leaders in the industry, we prioritize cutting-edge technology and high-quality materials to ensure that every project is durable and long-lasting.

We tailor our services to meet your specific construction needs.

If it’s a renovation project that you’re looking to tackle, we have the experience and expertise to take on any remodeling endeavor.

Our skilled team relies on their comprehensive knowledge and use of state-of-the-art technology and equipment to bring your vision to life.

We’re passionate about what we do, and we’re eager to partner with you to help you achieve something remarkable.

So, let’s get started! Contact us today and experience professional service that you can trust.